5th AIEE Energy Symposium
Current and Future Challenges to Energy Security

– energy perspectives beyond COVID19 –

15-17 December, 2020

5th AIEE Energy Symposium
Current and Future Challenges to Energy Security

– energy perspectives beyond COVID19 –

15-17 December, 2020

We offer a comprehensive program, with Plenary sessions and keynote presentations, and several concurrent sessions. These include traditional presentations, lightning talks, discussions, and interacting.

Our event will have the same structure because as the previous editions, because we want the Virtual Conference to feel as much like an in-person event as possible.

Virtual conferences might lack the intimacy of a physical gathering, but they democratize access offering the attendees the possibility to connect with each other providing an interactive, collaborative networking, information-sharing and manly the same benefits as on-site events with less cost and less risk. The shift to online gatherings is part of a larger trend in reimagining experiences centered on human interaction at a time when large gatherings are mostly banned.

We solicit presentation through a Call for papers, just as for the previous conferences.
Concurrent sessions will be organized from accepted abstracts. The range of topics proposed for submission is not limited, the authors may be encouraged by the Programme Committee to organize also specific sessions on topics different from the ones indicated below, for which you are cordially invited to send us your proposals.


Conference programme of the 5th AIEE Energy Symposium on Energy Security 2020

UTC +1 – Central European Time (CET) – ITALY

Tuesday – December 15, 2020


15:30-17:00  – Opening Welcome Address  >>> VIDEO
(h 15.20-15.30 – test of the technical settings with the speakers – session 15.30-17.00) 

Carlo Di Primio, AIEE President 
Beppe Soda, Dean of the SDA Bocconi School of Management 
Matteo Di Castelnuovo, Associate Professor of Practice, Just Energy Transition Coordinator, Sustainability Lab, SDA Bocconi School of Management, President of the Programme Committee 
Agime Gerbeti, President of the AIEE Scientific Committee and of the Conference Scientific Committee
Carlo Andrea Bollino, Honorary President AIEE and Conference General Chair.

Ivette Gerasimchuk, Lead, Sustainable Energy Supplies, International Institute for Sustainable Development
The presentation of the Energy Policy Tracker Project  >>> PRESENTATION

Keynote speakers:  
Enrico Gibellieri, Consultative Commission on Industrial Change (CCMI) of the European Economic and social Committee (EESC)
Resources and Energy intensive Industries REIIs>>> PRESENTATION 
Fereidoon Sioshansi, President Menlo Energy Economics, USA
Energy & environmental policy under new US Administration  >>> PRESENTATION   

Wednesday – December 16, 2020


09.00 -10.30 virtual concurrent sessions  n.  1-4 (1h.30′ each)
(h 08.50-09.00 – test of the technical settings with the speakers – session 09.00-10.30)

1. Energy  efficiency and carbon emissions reduction in buildings
Chair: Federico Santi, University of Rome La Sapienza

Are green value preferences for Energy Quality Stationary?A Spatio-Temporal Analysis of the Green Energy Value Evolution at Metropolitan Lyon
Presenter: Nathaly Cruz, Climate Economics Chair, University Paris Nanterre, France >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Nathaly Cruz, Marc Baudry

Assessment of domestic hot water demand: various criteria checked against real life data
Presenter: Giuseppe Dell’Olio, Gestore dei Servizi Energetici – GSE, Italy >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Giuseppe Dell’Olio

Price responsiveness and carbon emissions reductions in the residential sector: evidence from a natural experiment in Russia
Presenter: Salim Turdaliev, Institute of Economic Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, Czech Republic >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Salim Turdaliev, Anna Alberini, and Milan Scasny

Energy efficiency in public historical buildings: an integrated approach. The case of the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome
Presenter: Francesco Castellani, Studio Santi, Italy >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Francesco Castellani, Federico Santi, Romano Alberto Acri

2. Integrating renewables in the energy market
Chair: Lucia Visconti Parisio, Bicocca University, Italy

The Participation of Small-Scale Variable Distributed Renewable Energy Sources to the Balancing Services Market
Presenter: Marina Bertolini, University of Padova, Italy >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Marco Agostini, Marina Bertolini, Massimiliano Coppo, Fulvio Fontini

Feed-in tariffs and investment in renewable energy technologies under uncertain production volumes
Presenter: Matthias Ondra, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Authors: Matthias Ondra, Thomas Dangl

A Data-driven approach to renewable energy source planning at regional level
Presenter: Angelo Facchini, IMT School for Advanced Studies, Italy
Authors: Francesco Surmonte, Umberto Perna, Antonio Scala, Alessandro Rubino

3. The energy-economy nexus
Chair: Luigi Samuele, Managing Partner Horus Green Energy Investment, Italy

Assessing stakeholder acceptance of energy transformation pathways: the case of Germany’s net zero strategy
Presenter: Christopher Ball, Forschungszentrum, Jülich, Germany
Authors: Sri Vishnu Teja Josyabhatla, Christopher Ball, Stefan Vögele

How far we are from price convergence in the EU energy markets? A two-step procedure to define a composite index of electricity and natural gas prices
Presenter: Consuelo R. Nava, University of Turin, Italy >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Ernesto Cassetta, Consuelo R. Nava, Maria Grazia Zoia

Emergency measures to protect energy consumers during the covid-19 pandemic: a focus on the Italian interventions
Presenter: Paolo Mastropietro, Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Spain >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Paolo Mastropietro,Pablo Rodilla, Carlos Batlle

The relationships between tourism energy consumption and emissions
Presenter: Inmaculada Crespo Morán, University of Seville, Spain
Authors: Inmaculada Crespo Morán, María del P. Pablo-Romero, Javier Sánchez-Rivas, Antonio Sánchez-Braza

4. Current Gas Market Dynamics
Chair: Vittorio D’Ermo, AIEE, Italy

Drivers of merger and acquisition transactions in the U.S upstream oil and gas industry
Presenter: Sevkat Ozgur, Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics, University of Vienna, Austria  >>> PRESENTATION
Author: Sevkat Ozgur

Exploring Russian Gas Prices to Europe: Empirical Evidence of Price Convergence from Time Series Analysis
Presenter: Amina Talipova, Higher School of Economics, Russia >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Amina Talipova, Sergei Parsegov

10.40 -11.40  – Dual Plenary Sessions  (1h each)
(h 10.30-10.40 – test of the technical settings with the speakers – session 10.40-11.40)

EU beyond 2030 and the energy security concerns

Chair: Agime Gerbeti, President of the Scientific Committee AIEE, Italy
speakers confirmed:
Stéphanie Boukaert, , Senior Energy Analyst, IEA – >>> PRESENTATION
Marco Falcone, Government Relations and Issues Manager, Esso Italiana, Exxon Mobil Group, Italy – >>> PRESENTATION
Silvia Pariente-David, Consultant on energy and climate change and Senior advisor – Center for Mediterranean Integration, World Bank, France – >>> PRESENTATION
Elena Donnari, High-level Administrator for CRM and MIT, Council of European Regulators-CEER >>> PRESENTATION

Regulatory challenges and market developments

Chair: Alessandro Ortis, Honoray President of MEDREG (Mediterranean Energy Regulators), Past President of the Italian Authority – ARERA,
speakers confirmed:
Derek Bunn, Professor of Decision Sciences at London Business School, UK
Giordano Colarullo, General Manager, Federation of the Italian Utilities – Utilitalia, Italy
Jean Michel Glachant, Director of the Florence School of Regulation and the Holder of the Loyola de Palacio Chair – >>> PRESENTATION
Agostino Re Rebaudengo, President of Elettricità Futura (The Italian Association of the Electicity Industry) and of Asja – >>> PRESENTATION

11.50 -13.20 – virtual concurrent sessions  n. 5-8  (1h.30′ each)
(h 11.40-11.50 – test of the technical settings with the speakers – session 11.50-13.20)

5. The renewable energy reality: case studies
Chair: Davide Tabarelli, NE-Nomisma Energia, Italy

Modelling transformation pathways for EU27+3 final energy demand using timely and spatially resloved sector models
Presenter: Claudia Fiedler, Forschungsstelle für Energiewirtschaft e.V, Germany >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Andrej Guminski, Claudia Fiedler, Timo Limmer

On the impact of wind and solar generation on Nuclear power. The case of France
Presenter: François Benhmad, Montpellier University, France
Authors: François Benhmad, Jacques Percebois

Photovoltaics and the Solar Rebound: Evidence for Germany
Presenter: Kathrin Kaestner, RWI – Leibniz Institute for Economic Research, Germany >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Kathrin Kaestner, Manuel Frondel, Stephan Sommer, Colin Vance


 7 . Rethinking the energy security strategies
Chair: Matteo Di Castenuovo, SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy

Energy security – shift of paradigms
Presenter: Honorata Nyga-Lukaszewska, Warsaw School of Economics, Poland
Authors: Honorata Nyga-Lukaszewska

Energy Security Implications of Small Modular Reactors and Microreactors Deployment in Off-Grid Areas in Northern Regions
Presenter: Denis Subbotnitskiy, International Atomic Energy Agency, Austria >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Chirayu Batra, Denis Subbotnitskiy

Europe Energy road map to 2050: a coal phase-out in the context of international investment law
Presenter: Martin Švec, Masaryk University, Faculty of Law, Czech Republic
Authors: Martin Švec

8 . The price and forecasting in power system
Chair: Fatma Çiğdem Çelik, Okan University, Turkey

Multistep ahead forecasting of a power system residual load using a hybrid CEEMDAN-ConvLSTM model
Presenter: Coudray Théotime, University of Montpellier-ART-Dev laboratory and Climate Economics, France >>> PRESENTATION
Author: Coudray Théotime

Study of factors that influence the price of electricity
Presenter: Daiva Dumciuviene, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania
Authors: Daiva Dumciuviene, Grazina Startiene

Energy Load and Price Forecasting: Methods and Variable Treatment
Presenters: Vanshika Fotedar, Alasdair Crawford, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Vanshika Fotedar, Alasdair Crawford

The relationship between day-ahead and futures prices in electricity market: an empirical analysis on Italy, France, Germany and Switzerland
Presenter: Cinzia Bonaldo, University of Padua, Italy   >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Cinzia Bonaldo; Massimiliano Caporin; Fulvio Fontini

13.20 -14.20  – Break 

14.30 -16.00  – Dual Plenary Sessions   (1h.30 each)
(h 14.20-14.30 – test of the technical settings with the speakers – session 14.30-16.00)

Energy industry challenges to a low-carbon economy, the RES and gas role in the transition

Chair: Carlo Di Primio, AIEE President, Italy
speakers confirmed:
Luca Bragoli, Head of Public Affairs ERG, Italy >>> PRESENTATION
Massimiliano Mannino, Shell Energy, Italy Country manager >>> PRESENTATION
Lorenzo Mottura, Strategy & Corporate Development Director, Edison, Italy >>> PRESENTATION
Giacomo Rispoli, CEO MyRechemicals, Italy >>> PRESENTATION

Sustainable mobility challenges for the transition targets

Chair: G.B. Zorzoli, President FREE
speakers confirmed:
Amela Ajanovic, Assistant Professor & Senior Research Scientist, Energy Economics Group, Vienna University
of Technology, Austria >>> PRESENTATION
Vincent Schachter, Head of Global Energy Services Enel X e-Mobility, France
Franco Del Manso, International Environmental Affairs of UNEM – Energy Union for Mobility, Italy
Mariarosa Baroni, President NGV Italy >>> PRESENTATION
Dino Marcozzi, General Secretay MOTUS-E member of the European Platform for Mobility, Italy >>> PRESENTATION

16.10 -17.40 virtual concurrent sessions  n. 9-12  (1h.30′ each)
(h 16.00-16.10 – test of the technical settings with the speakers – session 16.10-17.40)

9 . The Electricity market: risks and opportunities
Chair: Arturo Lorenzoni, University of Padua, Italy
An optimization approach for a local electricity market
Presenter: Markus Schindler, Forschung Burgenland, Austria
Authors: Markus Schindler, Lukas Gnam

The future of capacity remuneration mechanisms in the EU, revisited
Presenter: Íñigo del Guayo, University of Almería, Spain  >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Íñigo del Guayo, Giuseppe Ferrari and Wojciech Drozdz

Electricity market capacity mechanism and strategic capacity withholding in Turkey
Presenter: Tunç Durmaz, Yildiz Technical University, Turkey >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Tunç Durmaz, Secil Acar Aytekin, Simay Kizilkaya

Cointegration analysis of electricity demand and mobility during the first wave of COVID19 contagion
Presenter: Maria Chiara D’Errico, University of Perugia, Italy  >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Maria Chiara D’Errico

10. Global assessment of energy efficiency and sustainability
Chair: Ionut Purica, Romanian Association for Energy Economists-RAEE, Romania
Firm productivity, energy efficiency and export in Asian emerging and developing countries
Presenter: Anam Shehzadi, University Of Kassel, Germany  >>> PRESENTATION
Author: Anam Shehzadi

Regional policies to boost firms’ energy efficiency and disaster response: a comparative analysis
Presenter: Elisa Valeriani, Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy  >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Maria Giovanna Bosco, Elisa Valeriani

Quantitaive analysis of energy security and environmental sustainability using dynamic multi-sector energy economic model
Presenter: Jubair Sieed, The University of Tokyo, Japan >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Jubair Sieed, Ryoichi Komiyama, Yasumasa Fujii

How to unlock the human potential for promoting energy efficiency? A review on the barriers and levers
Presenter: Nives Della Valle, European Commission, Joint Research Centre >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Paolo Bertoldi and Nives Della Valle

11. Synergies between Climate Change, energy access and energy poverty
Chair: Fulvio Fontini, University of Padua, Italy
Determinants, Persistence and Dynamics of Energy Poverty: An Empirical Assessment Using German Household Survey Data
Presenter: Benedikt Janzen, University of Bern, Switzerland  >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Benedikt Janzen, Katharina Drescher

Synergies and Trade-offs between Energy Access, Climate Change and Water Use in Sub-Saharan Africa
Presenter: Isabella Alloisio, Florence School of Regulation Energy and Climate – European University Institute, Italy >>> PRESENTATION
Author: Isabella Alloisio

Energy poverty: A multifaceted cornerstone for a sustainable and inclusive recovery. Some evidence from Italy
Presenter: Alessandro Fiorini, ENEA, Italy  >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Alessandro Fiorini, Alessandro Federici, Corinna Viola

The dark side of energy transition: the case of cobalt and the Democratic Republic of Congo
Presenter: Paola Casati, SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Paola Casati

12. Green revolution: green economies and other technologies
Chair: Antonio Geracitano, University Tor Vergata, Italy
Life Cycle Assessment and eco-design alternatives of Solar Thermal technologies for the promotion of circular economy
Presenter: Maria Milousi, Technical University of Crete, Greece >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Maria Milousi, Manolis Souliotis, Spiros Papaefthimiou

Impact assessment for rate design of wheeling charge system on electricity transmission sector and household sector with a technology selection model
Presenter: Kentarou Kambe, University of Tokyo, Japan >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Kentarou Kambe, Ryoichi Komiyama, Yasumasa Fujii

The BRIDGE study: “Belt and Road Initiative and the Development of Green Economies” – Challenges and opportunities for a Green BRI
Presenter: Rocco De Miglio, E4SMA S.r.l.,Italy >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Rocco De Miglio, Gabriele Cassetti, Xi Yang


Thursday – December 17, 2020


09.00 -10.30  – virtual concurrent sessions  n. 13-16   (1h.30′ each)
(h 08.50-09.00 – test of the technical settings with the speakers – session 09.00-10.30)

13. Smart Energy Services to Improve the Energy Efficiency of the European Building Stock (SENSEI) – H2020 project – Grant agreement nº 847066  >>> VIDEO
Chair: Nicola Sorrentino, University of Calabria, Italy

Towards a performance-based energy economy. The increasing value of Pay for Performance schemes
Presenter: Sotiris Papadelis, HEBES Intelligence, Grece
Author: Sotiris Papadelis

Pay for Performance (P4P) models to foster investment in Energy Efficiency in buildings
Presenter: Charles-Henri Bourgois, Geert Goorden, Factor4, Belgium >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Charles-Henri Bourgois, Arturo Lapietra, Felice Pandolfo

Devising classes of energy efficiency measure for evaluating pay-4-performance (P4P) rate that energy provider will be willing to offer in pay-4-performance scheme
Presenter: Arturo Lapietra, Omnia Energia, Italy >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Arturo Lapietra, Vincenzo D’Agostino, Luca Petrungaro

Adaptability of Pay-for-Performance schemes for promoting energy efficiency in the EU
Presenter: Dimitra Tzani, Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy, The Netherlands
Authors: Filippos Anagnostopoulos, Dimitra Tzani, Vassilis Stavrakas

14. The European energy roadmap to 2050 and the fiscal policies apply
Chair: Agime Gerbeti, AIEE Italy

The influence of a carbon tax on cost competitiveness
Presenter: Bastien Dufau, University of Bordeaux, France >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Bastien Dufau

Economic impact of GHG costs on the EU industry
Presenter: Agime Gerbeti, AIEE – Italian Association of Energy Economists, Italy >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Agime Gerbeti

EU Energy and Climate Policies to Reach Carbon Neutrality
Presenter: Paolo Bertoldi, European Commission, Joint Research Centre
Author: Paolo Bertoldi

The circular economy: an essential pillar to achieve the EU energy roadmap to 2050
Presenter: Gianluca Carrino, AIEE, Italy  >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Gianluca Carrino

15. The geopolitics of the global energy transition
Chair: Alessandro Rubino, University of Bari, Italy
Iran-China 25 year’s agreement, Energy Implications
Presenter: Fazel M. Farimani, Shahid Beheshti University, Iran >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Fazel M. Farimani, Seyed Reza Mirnezami

Energy transition in Russia: what implications for natural gas?
Presenter: Olga Garanina, Graduate School of Management, St.Petersburg University >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Olga Garanina, Silvana Mima, GAEL-CNRS

Understanding variation in the governance of fracking
Presenter: John D. Graham, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University, USA
Authors: John D. Graham, John A. Rupp

Opportunities to ensure affordable prices and security of natural gas supply in Bulgaria
following the commitments of Gazprom Export before the European Commission

Presenter: Lyubomira Gancheva, Sofia University, ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’, Bulgaria >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Lyubomira Gancheva

16. Energy transition and grid transformation
Chair: Elena Fumagalli, Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
The Social – A Positive Driver of the Energy Transition? Six Case Studies from Germany
Presenter: Lisa Hanna Broska, Institute of Energy and Climate Research – Systems Analysis and Technology Evaluation (IEK-STE) at Research Centre Juelich –
Freiberg University of Mining and Technology, Germany >>> PRESENTATION

Author: Lisa Hanna Broska

Long term transmission rights, a game changer for cross-border electricity market and interconnection governance in Europe?
Presenter: Diyun Huang, ESAT-ELECTA, Univeristy of Leuven, Belgium
Authors: Diyun Huang, Geert Deconinck

What is the European electricity transmission companies approach to innovation? A novel analytical framework
Presenter: Andrea Biancardi, SDA Bocconi School of Management and Imperial College London, Italy
Author: Andrea Biancardi

Assessing the implications of high vRES long-term scenarios by integrating energy system and dispatch models
Presenter: Francesco Gracceva, Enea, Italy >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Francesco Gracceva, Chiara Bustreo, Arturs Purvins, Marco Sangiorgi


10.40 -11.40  – Dual Plenary Sessions  (1h each)
(h 10.30-10.40 – test of the technical settings with the speakers – session 10.40-11.40)

Grid security and new technologies

Chair: Carlo Andrea Bollino, AIEE Honorary President, Professor University of Perugia, Italy
speakers confirmed:
Matteo Codazzi, CEO CESI, Italy
Salvatore Pinto, President Axpo Italia
Giovanni Valtorta, Manager Enel Distribution, Italy
Massimo Derchi, Chief Industrial Assets Officer Snam, Italy >>> PRESENTATION

Energy Efficiency and the future strategies of the energy industry

Chair: Gurkan Kumbaroglu – Professor University of Boğaziçi, President of TRAEE- The Turkish Association of Energy Economists, IAEE Past President
speakers confirmed:
Sandro Neri, Enel executive and Coordinator of the Federmanager energy commission (Federation of Italian Managers), Italy >>> PRESENTATION
Ferdinando Pozzani, CEO, TEON, Italy >>> PRESENTATION
Dario Di Santo, Genergal Manager, Italian Federation for Energy Efficiency – FIRE, Italy


11.50 -13.20  – virtual concurrent sessions  n. 17-20  (1h.30′ each)
(h 11.40-11.50 – test of the technical settings with the speakers – session 11.50-13.20)

17. Energy consumption and power demand
Chair: Elisa Scarpa, Edison, Italy

Reclaiming spaces of energy consumption through rethinking approaches to rural electrification in India
Presenter: Manashvi Kumar, Government of Punjab, Chandigarh, India >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Manashvi Kumar

2020 Energy Consumption Estimates
Presenter: Thierry Badouard, Enerdata, France >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Thierry Badouard, Morgan Crenes

How did Italian’s behavior toward energy-consumption change fronm late 1990s to 2012?
Presenter: Alessandro Sapio, University of Napoli “Parthenope”
Authors: Khadija Merzougui, Damiano Fiorillo, Alessandro Sapio

Assessing the limits to transport energy conversion from fuel to electric in the framework of the EU Green Deal
Presenter: Ionut Purica, Romanian Energy and Economy Association – REEA, Romania
Author: Ionut Purica

18. The impact of oil price fluctuation
Chair: Franco Del Manso, UNEM, Italy

U.S. GDP, Oil Price Shocks and Domestic Oil Production: An ARDL Analysis
Presenter: Gbadebo Oladosu, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Gbadebo Oladosu, Paul Leiby, Rocio Uria-Martinez, David Bowman, Megan Johnson

Time-Varying Jump Intensities and the Interconnectedness of the North American Crude Oil Complex
Presenter: Neil A. Wilmot, University of Minnesota Duluth, USA >>> PRESENTATION
Author: Neil A. Wilmot

An Exploration of the Role of Petrochemical Demand on World Oil Demand Elasticity
Presenter: Rocio Uría-Martínez, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Rocio Uría-Martínez, Paul N. Leiby, Gbadebo Oladosu, Megan M. Johnson, and David C. Bowman

19. Strategic contribution of innovation and energy storage to energy security
Chair: Spiros Papaeftimiou, University of Crete, Greece

Could the Fast Reserve drive the investments in storage in the Italian electricity market?
Presenter: Giorgio Perico, REF-E – Ricerca e consulenza per i mercati energetici, Italy >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Giorgio Perico, Virginia Canazza, Antonio De Paola

Energy storage policies: empirical evidence
Presenter: Dina Azhgaliyeva, Asian Development Bank Institute, Japan >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Dina Azhgaliyeva, Zhong Sheng

The dark side of energy transition: the case of cobalt and the Democratic Republic of Congo
Presenter: Paola Casati, SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Paola Casati

20. The hydrogen economy opportunities and challenges
Chair: Emanuele Piccinno, Energy consultant, Eni, Italy

Hydrogen and fuel cell: looking back to 20 year of professional experience and looking forward beyond ‘Covid-19’ and toward ‘1.5°C Perspective’
Presenter: Valentino Romeri, Energy Consultant, Italy >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Valentino Romeri

Hydrogen era: yes, but when and at what cost of delivered energy?
Presenter: Alessandro Clerici, Energy Consultant, Italy >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Alessandro Clerici

Opening ancillary service markets: investigating emerging opportunities for P2G in Italy
Presenter: Jan Marc Schwidtal, University of Padua, Italy >>> PRESENTATION
Authors: Jan Marc Schwidtal, Valerio Passarella, Marco Agostino, Fabio Bignucolo, Arturo Lorenzoni


Conference Closing

Plenary sessions speakers

Carlo D Primio
AIEE President

Beppe Soda
Dean of the SDA Bocconi School of Management

Matteo Di Castelnuovo
Associate Professor, Just Energy Transition Coordinator, Sustainability Lab, SDA Bocconi School of Management, President of the Programme Committee 

Amela Ajanovic
Assistant Professor and Senior Research Scientist, Vienna University of Technology

Luca Bragoli
Head of Public Affairs ERG, Italy

Paolo D’Ermo
General secretary, WEC Italy

Derek Bunn
Professor of Decision Sciences at London Business School

Laura Cozzi
Chief Energy Modeller IEA – International Energy Agency

Giordano Colarullo
General Manager, Federation of the Italian Utilities – Utilitalia

Marco Falcone
Government Relations and Issues Manager, Esso Italiana, Exxon Mobil Group

Agime Gerbeti
President of the Scientific Committee of the AIEE – President of the Conference Scientific Committee

Enrico Gibellieri
European Economic and Social Committee (CCMI) European Commission

Jean Michel Glachant
Director of the Florence School of Regulation and the Holder of the Loyola de Palacio Chair

Gurkan Kumbaroglu
Professor University of Boğaziçi, President of TRAEE- The Turkish Association of Energy Economists, IAEE Past President

Sandro Neri
Federmanager – Federation of Italian Managers

Alessandro Ortis
Honoray President of MEDREG (Mediterranean Energy Regulators), Past President of the Italian Authority – ARERA

Silvia Pariente-David
Senior advisor and consultant on energy and climate change – Center for Mediterranean Integration, World Bank

Salvatore Pinto
President Axpo Italia

Ferdinando Pozzani
CEO, TEON, Italy

Vincent Schachter
Senior Vice President Energy Services eMotorWerks, Enel Group

Giovanni Valtorta
Manager Enel Distribution, Italy

G.B. Zorzoli
President Coordination of FREE (Renewable Sources and Energy Efficiency), AIEE Council member

Claudio Spinaci
President of UNEM – Italian Energy Union for Mobility

Agostino Re Rebaudengo
President of Elettricità Futura (Italian Association of Electricity Industry) and President of Asja, Italy

Fereidoon Sioshansi
President and founder of Menlo Energy Economics, USA

Dario Di Santo
General Manager FIRE – Italian Federation for Energy Efficiency

Mariarosa Baroni
President NGV Italy

Matteo Codazzi

Giacomo Rispoli
CEO MyRechemicals, Italy

Massimiliano Mannino
Shell Energy, Italy Country manager

Lorenzo Mottura
Strategy & Corporate Development Director, Edison, Italy

Franco Del Manso
International Environment Affairs manager of UNEM – Energy Union for Mobility, Italy


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