8th AIEE Energy Symposium
Current and Future Challenges to Energy Security

– the energy crisis, the impact on the transition –

Padua, 28-30 November 2024

8th AIEE Energy Symposium
Current and Future Challenges to Energy Security

– the energy crisis, the impact on the transition –

Padua, 28-30 November 2024

We are pleased to announce the Call for Papers for the
8th AIEE Energy Symposium on Current and Future Challenges to Energy Security
organized with the scientific cooperation of the Centre “Giorgio Levi Cases” – University of Padua

Padua, 28-30 November 2024

Conference objectives

Our Symposium has become an important yearly appointment and this 8th AIEE Energy Symposium on Energy Security is organized in cooperation with the University of Padua, in its traditional format as an in person event, on November 28-30, 2024.

Events in the last few years have demonstrated that the energy transition depends on energy security to proceed at a steady pace and at scale. Climate policy is a priority around the world but current experience also demonstrates that energy security is also a priority. And that requires continuing investment to assure reliable and affordable energy.
Although muted during the COVID-19 pandemic, its salience has reemerged with a new urgency. During the pandemic owing to the partial shutdown of economies, consumption plummeted and energy prices collapsed. Today, energy security encompasses both conventional oil and gas and renewables as well as electric grid reliability, assuring needed supplies.
Then came the Russian invasion in February 2022, setting off a global energy shock and a far-reaching disruption of the global supply system. Energy security suddenly returned as an urgent priority for governments worldwide who scrambled to secure and encourage more supplies to keep their economies running and avoid heaping pain on consumers. While climate was the main focus of the COP28 conference in 2023 the importance of “ensuring energy security” was also part of the final Consensus document. Energy security is a fundamental imperative for countries as energy undergirds economies and is essential for the well-being of populations.

The AIEE Energy Symposium on Energy Security has become an important forum to continuing the dialogue of the past editions analyzing the transformations of the concept of energy security in the new geopolitical context, exploring new and existing trends, creative solutions of new technologies, the emergence of new market conditions and of new market operators.

A comprehensive program, with Plenary sessions and keynote presentations, and several concurrent sessions will give the attendees from all over the world the occasion to participate in an interactive, collaborative networking and information-sharing event, in the prestigious context of the University of Padua one of the oldest universities in Europe and in the world, established in 1222, and only 30 km far from Venice.

An appointment we do not want to miss!

Conference programme

(UTC +1 – Central European Time (CET) – ITALY)

Download the conference Call for abstracts>>

Concurrent sessions

Concurrent sessions will be organized from accepted abstracts. Authors may be encouraged by the Programme Committee to organize specific sessions. Submitted abstracts should be of one or two pages in length, comprising (1) overview, (2) methods, (3) results and (4) conclusions.

The result of the submissions sent within July 15, 2024 will be notified by July 30, 2024.

While multiple submissions by individual or groups of authors are welcome, in the abstract selection process we will seek to ensure as broad participation as possible: each speaker preferably will deliver only one presentation in the conference.

The range of topics proposed for submission is not limited, the authors may be encouraged by the Programme Committee to organize also specific sessions on topics different from the ones indicated below, for which you are cordially invited to send us your proposals.

To organize a special session, the number of the speakers should be at least 4 and no more than 5.

The abstracts proposed for the special session should be submitted, following the general submission rules.

Proposed topics
Access to energy
Green innovation, biofuels and bioenergy

Hydrogen for the energy transition

Behavioral energy economics
Energy and climate change mitigation and adaptation
Sustainable energy systems
Europe energy road map to 2050
Energy supply and security
Energy performance in buildings
Emissions trading schemes, promoting energy efficiency
Energy and emission modelling
Carbon border adjustment measures
Energy vulnerability in developed countries
Energy security for a more resilient society
Sectorial approach to energy efficiency in industry
Technologies and economic growth towards a zero emission society
Energy and industrial competitiveness
Renewable energy sources and industries
Regulation of energy network industries
Regulation and taxation of energy markets
Extending the scope of European energy regulation

Electric mobility for a sustainable future

Community and supply chain

Real-time tariffs
Blockchain experiments and regulation
Electricity demand response, self-consumption, electricity tariffs and smart meters

Local energy communities, big data and energy security

The TSO role and evolution
Smart grids, Microgrids and energy security
Security risks in the electricity sector
The utility of the future
Energy security and the role of new technologies in energy transition
Energy storage and electrification– effects on the market
Strategic contribution of energy storage to energy security
Economics oil and gas markets, developments in LNG markets
The changing geopolitics of energy and global governance
The future of transportation
The changing geopolitics of energy and global governance
European perspectives of energy security in the global context
Nuclear energy markets
Disruptive business models in energy sector
Energy transition funds

Energy security: impact of COVID19

Market instruments for energy efficiency

New electricity market design

Economic sustainabiliy

The submission of the full paper is not obligatory unless the author is interested to propose it for publication.

Conference Program

Thursday – November 28

Venue:  Bo Palace – the historic headquarters of the University of Padua,
(address: Via VIII Febbraio 2)

14:00  – Registration

14:30-15:30 –  Opening Welcome Address

15:30-16:30 Dual Plenary Sessions
– Grid security and new technologies
– Energy efficiency and the future strategies of the energy industry

17.00 -18.30  – Welcome Cocktail – Caffè Pedrocchi

Friday – November 29

Venue: Interdepartmental Centre “Giorgio Levi Cases” for Energy Economy and Technology
(address: Porta Portello)

08.30-17.00 Registration

08.30-10.30 Welcome coffee

09.00-10.30 1st cycle of concurrent sessions 1-4

10.30-11.30 Dual Plenary Sessions
– EU towards 2030 and energy concerns
– Regulation of energy markets

11.30-13.00 2nd cycle of concurrent sessions 5-8

13.00-14.00 Lunch buffet

14.30-16.00 Dual Plenary Sessions
– Energy industry challenges to a low-carbon economy, the gas role in the transition
– Sustainable mobility challenges for the transition targets

16.00-17.30 3rd cycle of concurrent sessions 9-12

20.00-22.00 Gala Cocktail

Saturday – November 30
Venue: Interdepartmental Centre “Giorgio Levi Cases” for Energy Economy and Technology
(address: Porta Portello)

08.30-10.00 Welcome coffee

09.00-10.30 4th cycle of concurrent sessions 13-16
10.30-12.00 5th cycle of concurrent sessions 17-20

12.30-13.00 Light Lunch buffet

Conference Closing

Trip from Padua to Venice

After the closing of the Conference we are planning to organize  a guided tour to Venice for the participants either on Saturday afternoon or on Sunday morning.  We are making agreements with a tour operator, the schedule will be soon announced.

Conference proceedings
AIEE will publish the conference proceedings on-line on the conference website, in one volume with open access. The proceedings will contain the abstracts, it is not obligatory to submit the full paper, unless the author is interested to publish it.
8th AIEE Energy Symposium – Conference Proceedings
ISBN 9788894278132
publication date: December 31st, 2024
The AIEE does not copyright conference abstracts, papers and presentations.
The author retains the copyright of their presented paper and gives permission to AIEE to post their abstract and presentation in the online proceedings
Contact us

Conference Secretariat

Phone: +39.06.3227367; e-mail: aiee@aieesymposium.eu